Terra Permonia

Terra Permonia is a creative workshop and a place of relaxation, fun and learning for children and their parents. Children have fun learning to work with various tools; they saw, carve, paint, cut, shear, bend, drill, weld and use various materials, while smaller ones can play with a model train set. They can also play with LEGO bricks. Moreover, everything they make in Terra Permonia they can take home, so look forward to an original gift and many beautiful memories.

Distance from the hotel: 10 km, ca. 20 min

School in a Museum

The School in a Museum is a project prepared by the Slovak Mining Museum in Banská Štiavnica for all those who love history and nature and want to learn more. Children can try various mining related activities to learn first hand about life in the past.

Distance from the hotel: 10 km, ca. 20 min

Little workshop in Kammerhof

A little workshop in the Kammerhofská street in Banská Štiavnica is opened throughout the summer for children to practice their creativity and skills. They can try silk painting, clay working, tie-dyeing or calligraphy, as well as some more practical skills such baking bread, basket weaving or gold panning.  New adventures and unforgettable moments will be numerous.

Distance from the hotel: 10 km, ca. 15 min


The name itself suggests that you should expect a peaceful and picturesque place full of surprises and secrets waiting for you to discover them. Perhaps they are hidden in one of the rooms of the former farmhouse, maybe they are hiding in its garden, or maybe you will find them in your own hands in one of the creative workshops. This is a place for children and their parents, for pupils, teachers and all creative creatures. And if you get tired, you can relax in a sauna, in the wellness zone, or play with cute animals or eat something tasty straight from the garden.

Distance from the hotel: 14 km, ca. 20 min

Gazdáčik ranch

Remarkable adventures and stories are waiting for you at the Gazdáčik family farm embraced by the magical nature of the Štiavnica Mountains protected landscape area. Creative, playful and healthy. The woods, meadows and animals are waiting here for skilful children to learn something new and make the world a better place together.

Distance from the hotel: 17 km, ca. 25 min

Lunter’s ranch

Lunter’s ranch is located in the Kráľová recreational area only 8 km from Zvolen, surrounded by the Javorie mountain range. Kráľová is an ideal place to go horse riding in the beautiful countryside to be equally enjoyed both by adults and children. However, there are numerous other activities prepared for you, including swings, a climbing wall, a football field, archery, air gun shooting and many more. In the meantime, grownups can barbecue and grill, or even cook goulash in a pot they will lend you at the ranch.

Distance from the hotel: 45 km, ca. 50 min


There is a place where nature and the love of nature still come first. Visit Zveropark and you will discover that place – and even much more. A gurgling waterfall, a lake teeming with fish, a meadow perfect for a picnic – these are just a few of the attractions you can find in this animal park. This is a place where you will quickly forget about all the hustle and bustle of everyday life with all its mobiles and tablets, and experience the rate but wonderful feeling of unity with nature.

Distance from the hotel: 20 km, ca. 25 min

Monster Scooters

Everyone knows scooters, but riding these babies will be hard to forget. Special off-road Monsters Scooters are an exciting way to go exploring the woods and wild terrains of the Štiavnica Mountains like you have never seen them before. Adrenaline and fun guaranteed.

Distance from the hotel: 27 km, ca. 30 min

Mysterium Bojnice

Try this fun and logical family game. You will be locked up inside a themed room full of secret places and riddles which you have to find and solve. You will get an hour to find keys to secret boxes, to understand all symbols and clues and solve the mystery so that you will still have plenty of time to visit and tour Bojnice.

Distance from the hotel: 70 km, ca. 70 min