Bathing in the tajch

Bathing is allowed in the tajch, but it is always advisable to ask at the reception desk first to find out whether the water is warm enough and harmless to health.

Aqua Zorbing

Have fun you have never had before. Our instructor will assist you getting inside a zorbing ball (orb) and then it’s all up to you – you can have a race or make your own little merry-go-round.

AQUAZORBING min. 3 persons 5 min. 5,00 € / person


Romantic souls will surely be happy to rent a small rowing boat and let the waves of the Hodrušský tajch gently rock their boat.  If you wish, we’ll be glad to pack a small refreshment to take with you, too.

RENT A BOAT 30 min. 5,00 €


Although there are no waves for surfing on the tajch, you can simply grasp a special paddle and happily go paddleboarding. Standing or kneeling, you will quickly learn to keep balance on a special board, exercising your whole body while having fun at the same time.

PADDLEBOARD 30 min. 5,00 €