Biking trails

Access to biking trails

Its location makes the Salamandra Hotel a perfect place to start your family biking tour or a teambuilding ride. Two biking trails, Stopa Salamandry and Prachovňa, run directly through the Salamandra Resort, while Veľký hodrušský okruh and Mikovíniho zelená jazda biking circuits pass across the nearby ski slope.  These trails are part of an extensive bike trail network known as Bajkom k tajchom (To Tajchs by Bikes).

The trails will take you to “tajchs” (a special type of artificial lakes used as a source of energy for mines around Banská Štiavnica), unique biotopes and plenty of historical industrial and mining sites.

Bajkom k tajchom biking trails

The biking trail network covers four distinctive areas – Hodrušská, Belianska, Banskoštiavnická and Vyhnianska area.

The entire, nearly 350-kilometre-long system of marked biking trails consists of 15 separate trails and 11 shorter interconnectors that allow you to smoothly change from one trail to another.

Detailed information for each trail is available, including for example: elevation profile, trail difficulty, type of surface, altitude travelled, and downloadable GPS data. All the information is available here:

Name Symbol Length (km) Time Elevation
Veľký hodrušský okruh C 41,3 4 h 1034
Malý hodrušský okruh C 18,4 2 h 773
Mikovíniho zelená jazda C 30,2 3 h 559
Hellov okruh - 26 2 h. 303
Kopanická osmička - 9,9 1 h. 269
Kopanická spojka C 4 30 min. 278
Hodrušská spojka C 4 45 min. 384
Jelšovská spojka C 1,8 15 min. 165

Get a lift to Červená studňa

We are happy to drive you up to Červená studňa in our nine-seater vehicle. You can climb a 209m elevation difference with ease and then join the Veľký hodrušský okruh trail that will take you back to the hotel (7km), or you can choose any other route you like.

On weekends in July and August you can use the chairlift, an even faster and more comfortable way to get to the top.

If you have any questions or want to make a booking, please contact our reception desk.


If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, the Helligon downhill trail may be the right adventure for you.

Built according to the Flow Country Trail (FTC) standards, Helligon is a flow trail using the landscape topography as much as possible.

Negotiable for all bikers with basic MTB skills, the trail is safe, yet dynamic and diverse. You will enjoy not only your ride downhill, but the nice forest setting, too.

Helligon flow trail

Elevation difference: 240 m
Length: 2 km
Surface: natural

You can take the chairlift, or ride your bike up the access route to the top of the Helligon trail. The route is clearly marked with distinct arrow symbols.


You can practice your riding skills and technique in a skill park with an asphalt-covered pump track directly in the hotel grounds.

Pump-tracking is a new and original way of enjoying your bike that can be both fun and exercise, suitable for kids and adults, too. The goal is to ride the track without pedalling, just “pumping” your body up and down. A simple and elegant discipline that can be both physically demanding and a lot of fun at the same time.

Pumptrack Single entry 1,00 €

Bike rental and services

Our rental service offers a wide variety of bikes to choose from. We have full suspension bikes, hardtails, lady’s bikes, bikes with child seats and even e-Bikes – all of them are brand new models by renowned brand GIANT.

 Instant bike servicing and repair are available as well.

e-BIKE ALL DAY 39,00 €
HELMET 3,00 €


We have a shortcut to your summer adventures.  Our 1,450-meter-long Dopplemayer chairlift will give you a comfy ride all the way up to the Horná Roveň top terminal every weekend through July and August, from where a hiking trail takes you directly to Banská Štiavnica, an old mining town with a long and colourful history.

Bikers will appreciate that the lift can carry their bikes up to the top station from where they can take a ride along marked trails. Anyone who dares to set out on the technical Helligon flow trail is bound to enjoy an unforgettable and unique experience.

Tired hikers and bikers will surely be glad to know that the chairlift runs both ways, so if you do not feel like biking or walking down you can ride the lift to the valley station located just a few meters away from the hotel and the parking area.

Valid in summer season 2023

TYPE OF TICKET ADULTS (16+ years) CHILDREN (0-5 years) CHILDREN (6-15 years)
Return ride (up and down) 10 € FREE 7,00 €
Single ride (up or down) 8 € FREE 6 €
Bikers – single ride 8 € - 8 €
Bikers – three rides 20,00 € - 20,00 €
Bikers – ten rides 35,00 € - 35,00 €

Family tickets

2+1 single 20,00 €
2+2 single 23,00 €
2+1 return 24,00 €
2+2 return 30,00 €


Prices valid through the summer season from 01 June until 01 October 2022

Opening hours: Friday to Saturday, 9.00am to 6.00pm.

Payments possible in cash / by card to the chairlift attendant in the valley station.

All types of tickets are good in the Salamandra Resort.

All prices are given inclusive of VAT at 20%.


Please check the price and validity of tickets upon receipt; any irregularities or differences found after leaving the cash desk cannot be accepted.

The operator reserves a right to change the price or type of a ticket at least 48 hours in advance!