Moderate hills and easy running trails surrounding the Salamandra Resort are ideal for beginners, as well as for experienced athletes. You can choose from a variety of hiking paths and cycling trails to run along, enjoying the comforting peace of the surrounding forests.

Our reception staff will be happy to recommend which trail to choose to suit your skills. Walking trails are ideal for families with children to explore the beauty of the Štiavnica Mountains.

Štiavnica Trail

In the spring of 2017, we participated in the organisation of the ‘year zero’ of the Štiavnica Trail running race. Well received by the running community, the 13.5 km long race was a pleasant surprise  both for us and the first runners to ever take part in this race. The race started and finished in the Salamandra Resort where the racers could book a special stay at a discounted price, including a sports massage to revive their strength and energy afterwards.  Our hearty congratulations to the winners!