Team sports

Football and futnet

Kick off your holiday with football or futnet

Football is such a classic pastime that no active holiday can do without it. New friendships are made, and old ones grow stronger. Just put together your “all-star” team, divide the players and the game is on! With children or friends, kicking a ball is always fun. You don’t need to care about anything, we have everything ready for you to rent – from new football boots to balls, team-distinguishing jerseys to goalkeeper gloves.


Just a jump away from volleyball

Don’t contain your energy, let it all burst out in a classic game of volleyball. A volleyball court is available next to the hotel. You don’t have to be a top performer, the joy for the game is what really matters. Jumps, spikes, blocks … every move counts. After a good match, you can celebrate the game with a cold drink or a piece of something delicious from our kitchen.


We’ll teach you to serve tennis

Play a tennis match among the green hills of the Štiavnica Mountains. Fresh air and an exciting tennis play experience are free, rackets and balls may be rented. You have never played tennis? Don’t worry a bit; we can arrange an instructor for you to teach you or your children the basics of this elegant sport.


Nothing’s bad with badminton

A game light as a feather which can get really tough sometimes – that’s badminton. On our court, you may just leisurely volley a shuttlecock back and forth with a friend, or have a dramatic doubles match if you feel like it.  It’s up to you how hard you hit. The joy and fun you get back is priceless; rackets, shuttlecocks and net are available to rent.


Throw away boredom with basketball

Shoot a basketball by yourself, play one on one, or ask other players to have a regular friendly match. A few good shots on target, a couple of rebounds and you may count the points scored. No matter if you win or lose, the biggest victory of all is the good time you’ve had with your friends or family. That’s the score we count.


Handball’s not an oddball

This dynamic game for energetic people can also be played at our resort – we have a suitable playing field and goals. Don’t worry where you throw the ball, the court is fenced so you don’t have to chase it here and there. The only thing to chase are those superb game moments. Naturally, we will be happy to rent you the ball and team-distinguishing vests.


Slow down with pétanque

Sometimes you feel like running it off, sometimes you just want to hang out and play a laid-back game of pétanque. A relaxed game to play if you have a sharp eye, patience, and a cold drink close at hand. You don’t have to rush and force anything, good times are slow but sure to be had with pétanque.