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Activities in Salamandra resort

The Štiavnica Mountains hide many treasures, so why not go treasure hunting? Or just simply relax with your family… Salamandra has something to offer to everyone.

Hotel Salamandra****

In the middle of the Štiavnica Mountains, touching the unique water reservoirs called tajchs, the Salamandra Hotel offers unforgettable experiences to families with children, and active relaxation all year round.

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Unforgettable moments in Salamandra! A pile of adventures for the whole family.

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Explore, discover and savour the flavours of the Štiavnica Mountain region! From original seasonal specialties to traditional home-made dishes, we always pay attention to selecting only fresh and seasonal ingredients. We use produces from local farms and suppliers, and even produce some of our own.


Directly beneath the Salamandra Resort, the earth hides its riches in the form of gold, silver, amethysts, and the rare “columbary” quartz crystal. That’s where the energy and “water of life” of the unique Spa Banensium emerges to the surface.


The Salamandra Hotel and its surroundings are a perfect place for your teambuilding events. We will give you an experience to remember, while you will indulge in the peaceful and congenial atmosphere of the Štiavnica Mountains. Just take a break and build up relations with your workmates for an immediate positive impact, as well as for lasting benefits for your business.
It is up to you whether you choose an evening soiree or an active sporting experience. You know your team best, but let us help you by suggesting activities which all of you will love.

Weddings & Celebrations

Do you long for a wedding on a terrace above the tajch or directly on the pier? You can have it here. The peaceful embrace of the deep forests surrounding Salamandra will wash away all the stress and rush of your wedding preparations.


Access to biking trails. Its location makes the Salamandra Hotel a perfect place to start your family biking tour or a teambuilding ride. Two biking trails, Stopa Salamandry and Prachovňa, run directly through the Salamandra Resort, while Veľký hodrušský okruh and Mikovíniho zelená jazda biking circuits pass across the nearby ski slope. These trails are part of an extensive bike trail network known as Bajkom k tajchom (To Tajchs by Bikes).
The trails will take you to “tajchs” (a special type of artificial lakes used as a source of energy for mines around Banská Štiavnica), unique biotopes and plenty of historical industrial and mining sites.

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Salamandra through the eyes of our guests

Everybody are really polite, rooms are clean, there are programs for kids. You can ride a bike, walk in forest, swim in the lake ir the pool.. Food is great! We will come back!
Anonymous, Croatia

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